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Protective film stripping slitting machine

Protective film stripping slitting machine

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Protective film stripping slitting machine
• Main purpose: Various kinds of protective film exhaust slitting and rewinding.

Main technical specifications:
• Effective width:≤400-1350mm
• Unwinding max. diameter:φ800mm
• Exhausting rewinding max. diameter:φ450
• Stripping rewinding diameter:φ600mm
• Slitting type:Circular cutter
• Running speed:0-200m/min

Main characteristics:
1.Automatic tension close-loop running, servo motor driving
2.Big diameter single-layer protective film exhaust rewinding, suit for various kinds of low/middle/highsticky coating layer;
3.arrying stripping film rewinding unit, recycling protective film, reduce cost;
4.Roller surface special processing and equip with glue side touching anti-sticky roller;
5.Upper passing material structure and shearing cutter roller sticky dust device, to keep clean and tidy,improve the rate of finished products.


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