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Pre coating equipment

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Main Technical Specifications:

1.Extruder configuration: Ф105 EVA specialty extruder
2.Coating thickness: 4-12μm
3.Specialty die width: 2800mm (single side 250mm

adjustment by inner deckle)
4.Substrate: PET/BOPP glossy or matt film
5.Substrate thickness: 10-25μm
6.Design speed: 280m/min
7.AC coating: three-roller coating
8.Imported servo drive system
9.High effective vertical drying hood

Thermal Lamination Film Machine


EVA Specialty Extrusion System
1.Bi-metal coated barrel and screw, extrusion EVA with good plasticization and without crystal dots
2.Cast aluminum heater with air trough, automatic temperature control, evenly heating
3.Plate type precision filter, coating film without missing
4.Automatic die equipped with online thickness gauge for automatic control
5.Online die opening device, easy to clean the die
6.Extrusion trolley automatic move to position, rise/drop to position
7.5-7μm extrusion coating film remain even, free from out veins


1.We started R&D thermal lamination film machine since 2009, and in 2010 successfully made and put into use the first valid width 1900mm thermal lamination film production line.
2.With nonstop improvement made in terms of using situation from the user, coating film thickness can reach 6μm, ensures lamination bond to meet the standard.
3.In 2012, set up a profession team, absorbs foreign advanced technology, R&D and make 300m/min high speed thermal lamination film production line
4.Between 2014-2016, we delivered to customers No.4 300m/min high speed thermal lamination film production lines, equipped with USA CLOEREN automatic die, NDC online thickness measure and control system, EVA specialty extruder, coating thickness 6μm, attained production speed 280m/min.
In 2017 the team kept on deeply tackling the core technology, R&D and brought out new type production line with EVA coating thickness 4μm, production speed 200m/min, with use of domestic made core components, achieved high cost-effective, cost saving of thermal lamination film production.

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