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Cast CPE Film Machine

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Main Technical Specifications:

1.    Extruders screw configuration: Ф100/Ф120/Ф100
2.    Film structure: ABCBD, 5layers co-extrusion
3.    Die width: 3000mm
4.    PE film/barrier film: 35-120μm
5.    Material feature: blown film grade, MFI<3.5/PA
6.    Production speed: 40-150m/min
7.    Production output: 800Kg/h
8.    Rewind O.D.: 800mm
9.    Material hopper with multi-component weight-loss

10.     6 rollers crystallizing annealing forming unit
11.     Inline slitting rewinding

Cast CPE Film Machine


Extrusion System
1.    PE specialty screw, good plasticization,

pressure before screen 15-20mpa
2.    To use cast aluminum heater makes thermalconduction more homogenous, ensures goodplasticization of extrusion.
3.    PE specialty reclaimed powdery materialfeeding mixing device, feeding with evenlymixing of granular and powder material
4.    Special runner structure designed as perPE melt feature
5.    Available to choose inner layers-distributiondie or feedblock lamination die. Mature extrusion system ensures film with good flatness, hightransparence, even layers-distribution, stop die lip with hung thread.
6.    Online die opening cleaning device, with safe and reliable operation
7.    Patented air sucking knife, vacuum chamber,stable smoking gap, evenly melt contacting to the chilling roll and cooling


1.    In 2013, we started to R&D three layers cast CPE film production line.
2.    In 2014, the first Chinese three layers co-extrusion cast CPE film machine using blown film grade PE material was delivered to the customer.
3.    This cast CPE film machine achieved several items of self-developed intellectual property invention patents and practical new type patents.   
4.    Good plasticization, low head pressure, no die lip hung thread
5.    Homogenous layers distribution, with film thickness flatness≤3%
6.    Inline crystallizing forming device ensures film forming free from shrinking.
7.    Inline slitting film into 3-4 rolls, realizing blown film rewinding performance, finish product can be directly packed and delivered to use.

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