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Multi-functional lab coating machine

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Main technical specifications:

* Substrate: PET, BOPP, PI. PE, PP, Separator, copper foil,

aluminum foil, paper
* Coating speed:0.5~15m/min
* Substrate width:150~500mm
* Coating methods: rotogravure, micro-gravure, comma,

slot die, three-rollers, five-rollers, spray coating
* Roller type drying oven and air floating drying oven
* Imported servo driving system
* Independent R&D tension control system
* Optional:
 Double sides coating and multi-way coating methods
 On-line corona
 Contact/none-contact dust cleaning
 On-line UV curing, EB curing or infrared heating

Multi-functional lab coating machine

Various material coating process trial and development




We designed the special high-precision lab coating machine since 2012;
•    Customaized design to meet material institute and testing central's requirement;

•    Multi-way coating and drying methods to meet various process requirement;

•    Components design by standardization,integrated design with comapct construction, energy saving concept;

•    Comprehensive quality check to meet the high precise and steady running requirement;

•    Professional R&D team technical support,24years control system development and application experience.

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