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Li-ion battery carbon-coating machine

Li-ion battery carbon-coating machine

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Main technical specifications:

1. Substrate: copper foil, aluminum foil
2. Substrate thickness: copper foil 5um~25um, aluminum

foil 9um~25um
3. Width:600-1400mm
4. Integrated & compact design, energy-saving,
5. European servo driving system
6. Independent R&D tension control system
7. Independent R&D auto register system
8. Multi-way coating unit combination
9. Optional:
(1) Gravure and micro gravure leaping function
(2) On-line length counter   
(3) MES system
(4) Remote control
(5) On-line corona

Li-ion battery premier coating machine


Coating method:
Gravure coating
Micro gravure coating
Leaping gravure coating


We designed the Cu/Al foil premier coating machine in 2012 ;
•    High speed running, wider & ultra-thin substrate, various coating methods
•    Professional R&D team,24 years control system development and application experience
•    Manufacturing base on standardization and modularization for better control and management, unique and stable supply chain system to meet Lithium battery market quick demand, quickly serve battery manufacturer and material manufacturer

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