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Digital photographic paper coating machine

Digital photographic paper coating machine

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Main technical specifications:

1. Substrate: digital photographic paper,

PE coated paper,release paper, glassine paper

2. Coating speed:10-150m/min

3. Substrate width:1000~1850mm

4. Coating methods:

gravure, wired bar, slide coating

5. Dedicated drying system ,multi section control;

6. Heavier load and dual axis ;auto splice ,

applicable for thick substrate

7.European servo drive system.

8.Independent R&D tension control system;


(1) Paper humidification

(2) Remote control

(3) Online corona


Digital photographic paper coating machine


Coating method:
Wired bar coating
Slide coating

Dedicated drying system
1. Multi-section control ;
2. Customized design for each drying oven,

to meet the temperature precision control
3. Individual flow pressure monitoring control

for each drying oven

4.Dedicated vacuum roller and vacuum belt

provides stable tension control for each drying

oven section

(1)Heating methods:

electric, gas, oil, steam, etc.
(2)Input/output air flow monitoring system

•   We designed digital photographic paper coating machine in 2012;
•  Multi-way coating process with dedicated coating methods, multi-section tension control combination to meet customer special requirements
•  Professional development team,24 years control system development and application experience
•  Customized design of various functional components according to customer requirements
•  The standardized production with modulation design concept, long-term and prompt after-sales service

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