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Protective film coating machine

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Main features:

•  1. PET:12~250μm

•  2. Coating speed :10~70m/min

•  3. Substrate width:800~2300mm

•  4. Various coating methods: micro-gravure, comma, slot die

•  5. Protective film dedicated heating system

•  6. Dual axis rewinding and zero-speed automatic splice,

manual/automatic switch model

•  7.European servo drive system

•  8.Gmac tension control system

•  9.Various coating methods are available

•  10.Optional:

(1) On-line pre-coating

(2) Unwinding unit with un-lamination function

(3) Four-axis rewinding splice unit

(4) Comma and slot die in one coating unit

(5) Remote control

(6) Online corona

(7) On-line UV curing


Protective film coating machine


Dedicated drying system
• 1. Increase heating efficiency,easy for air volume control.

• 2. High efficient filter.

• 3.Shell type oven,esay to set on film and clean,drying efficiency is high.

(1) Imported solvent alarm detection system.

(2) Heat air flow monitor system

(3) Heating method: electric, gas, oil, steam, etc.

• 1. We designed protective film coating machine in 1997;

• 2. Multi-way coating methods meets customized requirements.

• 3. Professional R&D team, 24 years control system development and application experience.

• 4. Manufacturing base on standardization and modularization for control and management, unique and stable supply chain system to provide long-term and prompt support to market.

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