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Release film coating machine

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Main technical specifications:


1.  PET:12~250μm
2.  Coating speed:10~150m/min
3.  Substrate width:800~2300mm
4.  Multi-way coating methods: gravure,reverse gravure, micro-gravure, three-rollers, five-rollers;

5.  Dual axis rewinding and automatic splice,manual/automatic swtich model;

6.  European servo drive system
7.  GMAC tension control system
8.  Multi-way coater combination
9.  Optional:
     (1)Remote control
     (2)Online corona
     (3)UV curing

Overview of release film coating equipment : 


Dedicated drying system:
1. Efficient, easy for air volume control.
2. Air is cleaner.
3.Shell type drying oven, convenient for film setting up and cleaning activities.
4. Ensures uniformity of temperature and air speed.

(1) Imported solvent alarm detection system.
(2) Heat air flow monitor system.
(3) Heating method: electric, gas, hot oil, steam, etc.

1.   We designed release film coating machine in 1997;

2.   Multi-way coating methods to meet customized requirements;
3.   Professional R&D team technical support, 24 years control system development and application experience;
4.   Manufacturing base on standardization and modularization for better control and management,  unique and

stable supply chain system to provide long-term and prompt support to market.

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